Hi there! My name is Adelina and I am a product designer based in Toronto,
with experience in marketing and branding design. 

More about me?

At the moment, I am working at Parmida Group as an Intermediate Graphic Designer. In 3 years I've had the opportunity to manage design team for our 3 brands. My recent solo projects helped the company to double their revenue. My work experience captures branding, packaging, UX&UI and designing for digital and print.

Fitness and nutrition play a big role in my life. Competing as fitness competitor helped me to be more disciplined and self-motivated, which translated into my work process.  


Google UX Design Professional Certificate Badge

1. Create High-Fidelity Designs and Prototypes in Figma by Google

2. Build Wireframes and Low-Fidelity Prototypes by Google

3. Foundations of User Experience by Google

4. Conduct UX Research and Test Early Concepts by Google

5. Responsive Web Design in Adobe XD by Google

6. Start the UX Design Process: Empathize, Define, and Ideate by Google

7. Design a User Experience for Social Good & Prepare for Jobs by Google


Currently I am ready to move on and looking for a company where I could dive into more challenging and creative thinking, implement my experience and skills to produce more rocking designs. 


647 868 2191